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6 Email Etiquette Guidelines For Work
By Jules Pileggi Email is used so often in today’s workplace but as a relatively modern communication method, sometimes the etiquette issues need to be revisited. Here are some no-brainer etiquette tips for communicating better through email: 1. Know When To Email Vs. Talk The first thing to consider is: Should you even be sending... Read more »
Avoid only connecting with co-workers during scheduled meetings.
Improve Your Networking Skills With These 5 Tips
Sometimes landing a job is only the first step towards building the career you’ve been dreaming of. In order to capitalize on the opportunities that are being presented to you, you need to learn how to leverage professional relationships to build long-term connections. These connections will allow you to meet industry movers and shakers that... Read more »
Avoid going over-the-top with your accessory choices.
How To Dress For a Fall Job Interview: 6 Tips
As a woman, the last thing you want to think as you’re walking into an interview is, I wish I had worn something else. Feeling uncomfortable or uptight in your interview outfit will almost always impact your confidence, your public speaking ability, and your ability to be natural and straightforward with an interviewer. Below, find... Read more »
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5 Signs You’re About to Be Fired
If you wake up in the morning and continuously hit snooze, dreading waking up for another day at the office, chances are things aren’t boding well for you at your current company. To not feel excited about work extends beyond you to the people you work with. It’s very likely that the feeling is mutual... Read more »