How to Sign Up for a Business Account

The Benefits

Through creating a business brand profile on, your company can effectively enhance and optimize its online presence like never before. Why wait for prospective clients and employees to somehow stumble across your company's website?

Instead, by sharing key accomplishments, updates, and information about your business on Completed, you can dynamically showcase what makes your company truly exceptional. Now is your chance to attract top talent and lucrative new contracts in your industry!

Moreover, if you are looking to attract new business leads, your Completed brand profile enables you to share your company's accomplishments and successes across a variety of social media platforms, thereby amplifying your message and instantly broadening your reach.

Impress your target audience and outshine your competitors by sharing the in-depth, engaging story of what makes your business unique. Why settle for a static and traditional online presence, when you have the opportunity to share the complete snapshot of your company's past, present, and future on

Getting Started

To begin setting up your new Business account on Completed, click on the blue 'Login' button on the upper right-hand side of the screen. A new dialog box will appear. If your business already has an existing account on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you can log in through one of these accounts.