Ilonka J. Herazi is an influential researcher, an active inventor, successful entrepreneur and demonstrated philanthropist. Her work in quantum physics and scalar technology span well over 30 years, and have been responsible for many significant developments in both medical science and wearable technology. She is also an author and an award-winning filmmaker whose work contains a clear humanitarian message. Her wide range of involvements, from her social and charitable works to her scientific and artistic endeavors, have made Ilonka Herazi an internationally respected figure and an example of what it means to devote oneself to human wellness in all its forms.
Ilonka Herazi is currently working to implement a bold new project called the LIPHE, or the Lymphatic Infrared Photon Emitter. This technology is designed to provide noninvasive options for detoxifying the human body, by using photons and infrared frequencies to cleanse afflicted areas. The LIPHE has already been approved for use in hospitals from Russia to Israel. It is intended to treat people suffering from a wide variety of viruses, fungi, and bacteria. Herazi is also passionately involved with The Shift 2012, an organization she founded that aims to encourage world peace through global cross-cultural empowerment and sustainability initiatives. The Shift 2012 has been responsible for community improvements in various areas in the developing world, such as the building of wells in rural Senegal and providing essential medicines to people in nearby areas. Ilonka currently lives in Tennessee and is married to Courtland Reeves, a well-known Lymphatic Detoxification Therapy expert. They have three children together: Bryan, Casey, and Franceska, as well as a grandchild.
Ilonka Herazi first rose to prominence in the 1960s and 1970s as an international businesswoman, working primarily in the Middle East. It was during these years that she began to develop an interest in human health and wellness. In the early 1980s, she began to collaborate with Dr. Andrija Puharich, a world-renowned expert on ELF (extremely low frequency) technology. The two set out to create a wearable device that would protect its user from potentially harmful low-frequency energy fields caused by many common household appliances. After several years, they managed to develop a working prototype. The original model was housed in a bracelet and proved somewhat awkward to wear. Shortly afterward, Ilonka had the idea of containing the module inside a wristwatch and invented a new method of housing it within a small copper chip. This formed the basis for the invention that would come to be known the world over as the famous TESLAR watch. Over the next 30 or so years, Ilonka Herazi continued her work on ELFs by bringing together some of the industry’s greatest minds at a facility she created by converting an old airplane hangar into a live-in research complex called the ELF Cocoon. Several of their projects have gone on to have considerable influence in the American medical community. The TESLAR watch caught on like wildfire in 2002 after Ilonka partnered with Philip Stein to market her watch to a global audience. The merger was incredibly successful at first, and TESLAR became a worldwide phenomenon—even making "Oprah's Favorite Things" in 2003 and 2005. Stein, however, attempted a hostile takeover of their company not long afterward, trying to force Ilonka out of the business. Although she managed to retain the rights to the technology she had pioneered and her claim on the TESLAR brand name, Stein has continued to block her plans to relaunch TESLAR on her own—perhaps fearing that her success would drive his own failing brand out of business. Ilonka’s humanitarian work has also flourished during this period. "Walking the Waking Journey," her documentary film about a group of impoverished children from the Himalayas who return to their communities with new skills learned from the outside world, has received no less than 12 distinct film festival awards.
Today, Ilonka continues her humanitarian work with The Shift 2012 while planning to relaunch the TESLAR project. Her commitment to human health around the world drives her to forge ahead in the face of adversity so that she can provide people of all kinds with solutions they can use to live happier, more fulfilling, and more responsible lives.

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