Jim Sorkin
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Owner for Julius Silvert Inc.

231 E Luzerne St, Philadelphia, PA, United States

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Reviews Of Jim Sorkin

  • Review: Scared Owner, Jim Sorkin Hides In Back Office

    Submitted: Thu, February 16, 2017

    Reviewed By: Anonymous

    Pros: He knows good food and enjoys eating it, so he is in the right business as far as that goes.

    Constructive Criticism: Jim Sorkin is the owner of Julius Silvert, food distribution company based in Philadelphia, Pa. Having worked at this company for short period of time, I personally saw the way this guy treated employees and it became very clear to me why there was such a high turnover rate there and that I had to find something else quickly(which I did). I'm usually not one to blast people online, but I feel obligated to warn people about this guy in business. As a boss he's uncommunicative and hides in his back office all day. He has cameras set up all over the facility so he can monitor the operation all day without having it actually talk to anyone. Actually he M.O. is to hire an "operating manager" who will listen to his every command and do all his dirty work, while he hides in his back office and doesn't have to actually deal with the unpleasantness. This isolation unfortunately makes almost impossible to be an effective leader at the end of the day. Hopefully Jim Sorkin will realize that one day before putting his 2nd generation family food business, out of business!

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