Phil LaRue
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Director of Government Relations for The Concord Coalition

, West Chester, United States | AKA: Philip

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Reviews Of Phil LaRue

  • Review: Not A Very Wise Politician

    Submitted: Thu, February 16, 2017

    Reviewed By: Anonymous

    Pros: He's clearly got the gift of gab and knows how to give a speech to fire up an audience of zombies.

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    Constructive Criticism: Stop twisting things in the media. It is very shameful that you claimed that the Concord Coalition fired you because you "spoke against Donald Trump." The fact of the matter is that the Concord Coalition has a policy that you are not allowed to make any political speech at all, whether for or against the current administration.

    Due to that violation, Mr. LaRue was terminated. Nice try though spinning it in your favor to get political advantage, the people see right through that.

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  • Review: Well Read, Smart Young Man...Not To Be Trusted

    Submitted: Wed, February 15, 2017

    Reviewed By: Anonymous

    Pros: Phil is a well-read, ostensibly nice, thoughtful young man that has is relatively good at flying below the radar in the world of politics.

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    Constructive Criticism: 1. Needs to improve relations with family. If you would backstab your family, you would backstab anyone.

    2. Needs to not trash people behind their backs that he is nice to in person. I've witnessed Phil do this on a number of occassions.

    3. Needs to consider changing career paths in life. Successful politicians are great at getting people to like them, and in all honestly, Phil is not the most likeably guy. While I wish him all the best, he should really consider going down a different career path as he doesn't have the spark that many other politicians I know have that people get behind.

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