Solange Guberman was born in Romania to a father who was a lawyer and a brilliant pianist mother. Her family immigrated to Canada in 1960. After graduating from McGill University with an M.A. in French and Italian Language and Literature, she obtained a scholarship from Washington University (St. Louis, Missouri, USA) where she obtained her Ph.D. in French Language and Literature in 1975. Solange has been blessed with two children, a son and a daughter (born in Ottawa Canada in 1977 and 1982 respectively). For more information about Solange Guberman visit her personal website - which is dedicated to raising awareness around women that have been victims of violence.
Solange is currently a freelance Interpreter (English/French/Romanian/Italian) mostly in the medical and legal fields. She assists patients and clients to fully understand the meaning and consequences of what is at stake. Having barely volunteered during the decades spent working full-time at different universities and Canadian Federal Government departments, Solange has been trying to compensate by heavily involving herself in a variety of volunteer work such as a Consulting Volunteer at Reach Canada and Passages to Canada.
A lifetime's worth of accumulation allowing new and educated perspectives in job-related situations that will come her way. Solange Guberman is open to whatever opportunities offered so she can give back to her community in gratitude for the abundance of blessings this country has offered her. Her life is dedicated to government and to women's rights.
Domestic Violence against immigrant and refugee women. She is a true advocate and spends her time working on educating the public on policy reform. Solange's decades of service—both to Canada and to people around the world—have allowed her to make a remarkable impact in several fields, including language, technology, economic development and social justice. Her legacy and the work she continues to do today stand as testaments to the power of everyone to make the world a better place by involving themselves in a larger cause.
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