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Yelp Mafia Shuts Down Car Dealership
A video that surfaced in 2015 revealing employees of Massachusetts car dealership, F&R Auto Sales mistreating a pizza delivery driver has led to a car dealership shutting its doors for good. In the video, Jarrid Tansey, a delivery driver from a local Palace Pizza has come back to the dealership to return $7 that he... Read more »
Review The Employee or The Business?
In our modern age, a customer that has a bad experience with a company can easily go online, review the company and warn others about their experience. There are multiple sites that facilitate these reviews: Yelp, RipoffReport, Google. But what if a bad experience is not that black and white? Is the entire company responsible... Read more »
Review All People In Business – 1-5 Stars
America just elected Donald Trump, famous for saying “You’re Fired!”  Some say that Trump is a bully and not someone we want to emulate, but the fact that he tells people in business what’s on his mind is unquestionable.  He understands that people in business need feedback, and those that take it openly usually improve... Read more »
Bad Bartender
It’s your birthday, so you decide to go to your favorite sports bar. The food’s great, the atmosphere is perfect, and they always have a game on. You walk in with your friends, sit down at the bar, and notice that there’s a new bartender. This bartender is rude, makes the drinks wrong and turns... Read more »