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Today's job market is super competitive. Every open position has a flood of applicants ranging from recent Ivy League grads to management level staffers with 20 years of experience. Standing out from the crowd and portraying yourself as the most appealing candidate is harder than ever before.

According to Forbes, the average job receives 118 applications. If that job is posted online, the first resume typically comes in within 5 minutes of going live. As a result of this volume, recruiters spend only 6 seconds looking at each resume. You need something that sets you apart. You need

To be competitive in today's employment environment, you need a diverse set of skills. More importantly, you need a way to highlight those special strengths and unique talents that only you can bring to the table. A resume is one way to organize these things, but how do you make yours noticeable amidst an ocean of competing professionals? It's not enough to simply list these things. You need to build your own personal brand to make an impression that counts.

Here at, it's all possible. We have a new, better way to quantify and catalog everything that you or your organization has to offer. Pool together your standard resume, achievements, notable personal information, social media, and other important information to create the best, most high-impact professional profile on the web. Forget everything you know about professional profiles. This is the new way.

Get Discovered For The Pro That You Are lets you create a comprehensive online picture of yourself that anyone can find. You can highlight all your greatest assets and attributes in a way not possible on other jobs or resume sites across the Internet. Put your best foot forward for the whole world to see, and brag about those special achievements you've accomplished and those unique talents that only you can offer.

You can list your entire career history; detail your education, show off your core competencies, and link to professional pages and social media. You can also share a bit about your personal life, like favorite hobbies or places you've travelled. It's like 4 or 5 popular social media sites all rolled into one.

Having an excellent professional Internet presence and building your own personal brand across the web is a great career strategy. Studies show that a full 80% of job openings are never posted publicly. Companies actively seek out and recruit those professionals who have the attributes they're looking for. Your is a high profile way to market yourself to these businesses. Make yourself more hirable with

Set Goals.. Meet Goals

One of the things that sets apart is the ability for users to create goals for themselves. They can track their progress, and alert the world once they have achieved success. This is a great way to keep yourself honest with career development, physical fitness, or personal objectives. It's the only career site that allows you to follow and update about your accomplishments in real time. And with just a quick click, you can post it to social media and go viral.

Beneficial to Businesses

The online appearance of your business matters more than ever. 92% of consumers turn to the Internet to do research before making a purchasing decision. Your customers are going to get their first impression of you not from a brochure or a salesman, but from what they find online.

The good news is that you can feature all the best aspects of your company on, making that dynamite first impression on potential clients or customers. This site offers a platform to share all the things that make your business different from the competition. offers you the unique opportunity to create a resume for your business. Promote and solidify your company's core values, enhance your ability to circulate links to important websites and resources regarding your firm, and identify the key members of your team along with their professional accomplishments. You can highlight all your products and services, provide the locations of your offices, and draw attention to significant milestones and awards given to your organization. You can even list important upcoming events to notify customers to attend.

Our site is a great way to boost the prominence of your business and set yourself apart from the competition. A polished profile will attract customers, potential business partners, and prospective employees. It lets you make that crucial first impression in the best way possible, giving your company instant credibility.

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A online professional profile captures and shares all the details of your experiences and success that a resume is unable to deliver. It's the best career-based site on the Internet, offering a host of tools and features that allow you to build your personal or corporate brand. By signing up, you're opening up a whole new world of exciting opportunities. Congratulations, and welcome to!

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